What is Clogging?

Clogging is a type of folk dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used musically by striking the heel, the toe, or both against a floor or each other to create audible percussive rhythms, usually to the downbeat, with the heel keeping the rhythm. wikipedia.com

group sillyClogging originated from a variety of cultures. It has dance steps from Scotland, Ireland, Africa and Germany integrated into what we now do as the Appalachian style. For a long time there were no actual names to steps currently used. Instead, everyone just got up and danced whatever they felt like doing, and called it “free-styling”. A fellow in the Maggie Valley North Carolina area, along with other early cloggers thought it would be nice to put names to the steps and make a universal terminology book. This terminology has remained the standard for any clogger to go to a workshop in any part of the world and be able to dance the same steps that we do. Clogging came to Wisconsin in 1982 after a gentleman square dancer by the name of Dennis Stewart attended a workshop while on a business trip in the south.

For more information on the history of clogging:

A Brief History of Clog Dancing
by Jeff Driggs, Editor of the Double Toe Times Clogging Magazine

Clogging is done by all age groups and no previous dance experience is necessary. 



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